Game and site by David Newton, 2007-2015

A product of the Steel Revolution back in the days of Abbot Percival XXII, the Ironworks just over the hill from Walnut Creek were shut down almost as soon as they were built, for what was described as a truly record-breaking failure to comply with industrial safety regulations.

Among its most notable features are huge unprotected saw blades, sudden steep drops into molten metal, platforms that give way underneath you (often also above molten metal), and a noticeable lack of proper handrails on the stairs. A number of explosive barrels have also been left lying around, and can go off with the slightest spark in the wrong place.

When they were closed down, the security and maintenance robots were accidentally left on - I'm told that many of them were just left in construction mode, meaning that the only thing the Ironworks ever produced was more of the Ironworks. Thankfully the expansion was quickly curtailed thanks to the poor original choice of location, as they reached the nearby desert after a week and ran out of material, but thanks to the geological erosion caused by their presence it's now necessary to make it through them to reach beyond the creek.

This area can come as something of a shock to people coming from the more tranquil waterside environment, but by carefully watching the movements of pretty much anything that was capable of movement here, we were able to make it through with only a mild burns kit (and some sticky tape after an unfortunate bisection incident for Paul's hat).