Game and site by David Newton, 2007-2015

When I was a young boy growing up in the temple, my father and predecessor (the late Abbot Percival XXVI) used to take me on fishing holidays in Walnut Creek. As he frequently observed in his own memoirs, "those Life Crystals can jolly well take care of themselves for a couple of days". As much as they seemed to relax him, I found the whole experience tremendously dull and spent most of my time watching the crawling things going around their webs on the cliff face.

I do not recall a single instance of him ever catching a fish, but on looking at these monsters, I can quite understand why - you'd need to be using a telephone pole for a rod to bring one of these in. After some experimentation we found that even though we had to stay well away from them, they could be dispatched when out of the water - but it took some strong magic to do it.

The grassy hills around the creek haven't changed much at all since I last saw them, though the mushrooms have become somewhat more lively - in fact, I distinctly remember them sitting quietly under trees, instead of being man-sized and stomping about the place. Despite them, we found the trek through this area quite peaceful, though we found that some promising locations lay just out of our reach as we couldn't scale some of the taller cliffs without assistance.

The creek is also home to many peaceful, harmless tortoises with striking blue shells. And when you wallop them out of existence, the shell is sometimes still usable - Pierre was able to concoct a number of healing potions out of the ones that we bagged along the way, along with some other bits and pieces that he found lying around.