Game and site by David Newton, 2007-2015

Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
Slimde started the game!2017-04-16 22:33:08
??? started the game!2017-04-16 22:32:56
??? started the game!2017-04-16 22:32:26
Dejavu started the game!2017-04-16 15:14:31
Kaguya collected an orb! Also got a spell2017-04-15 18:43:19
Kaguya started the game!2017-04-15 18:43:18
darkfly won a rainbow gem in Walnut Creek B!2017-04-14 12:23:55
darkfly found a new recipe! Also got a medal, a rainbow gem2017-04-14 12:20:44
aaa started the game!2017-04-14 09:27:58
darkfly won a rainbow gem in Ironworks B!2017-04-13 18:10:00
darkfly completed Magma Falls B and got an orb!2017-04-13 18:00:56
darkfly recovered the Bass of Steel! Also got a rainbow gem2017-04-13 13:06:17
darkfly collected 4 orbs!2017-04-13 12:54:28
darkfly defeated Mechagamemnon!2017-04-13 12:54:28
darkfly found a new recipe!2017-04-13 12:45:07