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Bidouille got another health bottle! Also got a key, 2 recipes, a medal, 2 orbs, 7 rainbow gems, 2 spells2017-03-26 23:31:04
troi started the game!2017-03-26 03:15:43
xxx started the game!2017-03-25 16:47:35
dfa started the game!2017-03-25 16:29:48
fffuu started the game!2017-03-25 16:28:45
xa__ started the game!2017-03-22 22:48:05
cloud collected an orb! Also got a spell2017-03-20 21:04:11
cloud started the game!2017-03-20 21:04:10
tiandu49 started the game!2017-03-19 17:09:27
dave started the game!2017-03-19 03:36:48
blaze completed Ironworks A and got an orb!2017-03-17 12:54:46
blaze got another magic bottle! Also got a medal, an orb2017-03-17 12:49:56
blaze got another health bottle! Also got another magic bottle, an orb, a spell2017-03-17 12:44:32
blaze started the game!2017-03-17 12:32:32
ElFoX started the game!2017-03-16 16:56:28