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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
ravok completed Ironworks A and got an orb!2016-06-23 19:02:40
ravok got another health bottle! Also got 2 magic bottles, a medal, 2 orbs, a spell2016-06-23 18:57:19
ravok started the game!2016-06-23 18:41:20
ANOABOsik started the game!2016-06-23 13:23:57
??? started the game!2016-06-23 13:23:37
mr_lego started the game!2016-06-23 13:10:13
Bidouille found a new recipe! Also got a medal, 2 rainbow gems2016-06-23 02:57:28
Bidouille got another health bottle! Also got a key, 5 orbs, 3 rainbow gems, a spell2016-06-23 02:33:54
Bidouille won a rainbow gem in Luminous Tower A!2016-06-22 23:04:23
Bidouille found a key! Also got 5 orbs, 5 rainbow gems, a spell2016-06-22 23:01:05
Bidouille started the game!2016-06-22 23:01:04
Koji started the game!2016-06-21 13:36:16
EUdjiNSagaZ started the game!2016-06-20 20:10:43
ABC started the game!2016-06-20 20:04:35
BOQRS started the game!2016-06-20 20:03:55