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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
ppoo started the game!2015-05-23 16:10:06
Frogsworth is on the way with 10% complete in the full game2015-05-09 18:59:52
Frogsworth recovered the Bass of Andromeda! Also got 3 keys, 7 recipes, 9 medals, 18 orbs, 40 rainbow gems, 6 spells2015-05-09 18:59:52
Frogsworth started the game!2015-05-09 18:59:51
xzzxcjasdasdads started the game!2015-04-24 13:01:33
xx started the game!2015-04-15 12:30:51
p collected an orb! Also got a spell2015-04-15 07:40:03
p started the game!2015-04-15 07:40:02
QuadrAlien has recovered the instruments from the Silent Void!!!2015-04-13 19:44:06
QuadrAlien found a new recipe!2015-04-13 19:44:06
QuadrAlien completed Azure Cliffs B and got an orb! Also got 2 synth items, a spell2015-04-13 19:19:02
QuadrAlien found a key! Also got 2 recipes2015-04-13 19:00:27
QuadrAlien found a new recipe!2015-04-13 18:39:27
QuadrAlien synthesized a new item! Also got a spell2015-04-13 18:36:46
QuadrAlien recovered the Flute of the Wolf!2015-04-13 18:35:49