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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
MaX recovered the Oboe of Adam! Also got another health bottle, 4 orbs2015-03-01 15:35:08
MaX defeated Magma Lizard!2015-03-01 15:35:08
MaX has completed 50% of the full game!2015-03-01 14:40:39
MaX recovered the Violin of Alastor! Also got another magic bottle, 2 keys, 3 recipes, 2 medals, 7 orbs, 22 rainbow gems, 3 synth items, 3 spells2015-03-01 14:40:39
MaX got another magic bottle! Also got a key, a recipe, an orb, 9 rainbow gems, 3 synth items, a spell2015-02-28 16:05:20
MaX has completed 25% in the full game!2015-02-27 21:37:41
MaX is on the way with 10% complete in the full game2015-02-27 21:37:41
MaX recovered the Bass of Adam! Also got 10 keys, 21 recipes, 5 medals, 48 orbs, 95 rainbow gems, 8 synth items, 12 spells2015-02-27 21:37:41
MaX started the game!2015-02-27 21:37:40
xxx started the game!2015-02-26 03:39:37
asdf started the game!2015-02-23 09:37:17
a started the game!2015-02-21 14:13:36
xxx started the game!2015-02-21 10:00:47
gc started the game!2015-02-19 07:26:29
cxc collected an orb!2015-02-15 12:02:10