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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
Chris started the game!2014-11-25 19:46:33
Xavior found a new recipe! Also got a synth item, a spell2014-11-22 17:11:45
Xavior has recovered the instruments from the Silent Void!!!2014-11-21 20:49:42
Xavior recovered the Bass of the Cave! Also got 4 orbs2014-11-20 20:35:38
Xavior defeated Magma Lizard!2014-11-20 20:35:38
Xavior got another magic bottle! Also got an orb, 4 rainbow gems2014-11-20 19:27:57
Xavior got another health bottle! Also got another magic bottle, 3 rainbow gems2014-11-20 19:10:55
Xavior synthesized a new item! Also got 2 spells2014-11-20 18:58:50
Xavior won 4 rainbow gems!2014-11-19 15:12:21
Xavior won a rainbow gem in Magma Falls B!2014-11-19 14:54:39
Xavior found a new recipe! Also got an orb2014-11-19 14:44:26
hhj started the game!2014-11-19 11:05:36
Xavior recovered the Keyboard of Mars! Also got 4 orbs2014-11-19 01:33:22
Xavior defeated Fungulator!2014-11-19 01:33:22
Xavior recovered the Drums of ZZT! Also got 4 orbs2014-11-19 00:58:36