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Written by David Newton, with graphics by J Freude
Imbadatnaming won 5 rainbow gems!2016-07-27 13:38:35
www started the game!2016-07-27 07:34:45
ehot started the game!2016-07-27 07:28:42
ehot started the game!2016-07-27 07:25:50
zeromapping started the game!2016-07-27 07:22:04
EHOT started the game!2016-07-27 07:21:13
??? started the game!2016-07-27 07:20:20
Imbadatnaming got another health bottle! Also got a recipe, a medal, an orb, a rainbow gem2016-07-27 04:29:06
Imbadatnaming recovered the Violin of Mercury! Also got another health bottle, 2 magic bottles, a key, a recipe, 3 medals, 7 orbs, 20 rainbow gems, 2 synth items2016-07-26 15:07:18
newbx won a rainbow gem in Walnut Creek B!2016-07-18 23:58:01
newbx is on the way with 10% complete in the free edition2016-07-18 23:54:14
newbx found a new recipe! Also got a medal, a rainbow gem2016-07-18 23:54:14
newbx found a new recipe! Also got a rainbow gem2016-07-18 23:52:09
newbx got another health bottle! Also got another magic bottle, a recipe, an orb, a spell2016-07-18 23:48:49
newbx found a new recipe!2016-07-18 23:43:13